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How can Metabolic Balance help you?

It’s All About Finding Your Balance

Welcome to FCM Metabolic Balance. This is a program built to empower you while helping you balance your metabolism and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We understand the frustration of feeling unhealthy, and unable to maintain healthy habits. We know the heavy demands life places on you, we know someone always needs you, and you keep putting yourself on the back burner.  We know you because we are you. We teach this program because this program changed our lives.

Let’s say that again: This. Program. Changed. Our. Lives.

Now is the time to reclaim your health. Now is the time to reclaim your life. We’re ready to guide you through a journey that starts with a determined first step, and ends with you wielding the tools of sustainable renewed health and wellness. We want you to put you first. Are you ready?

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You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself.

Tina Yothers

The 4 Phases of the Metabolic Balance Journey

The Metabolic Balance program is divided into 4 phases that build on and complement each other. The sum of all its parts makes up the whole success.

Whole golden apple- phase 1 of Metabolic Balance


The first phase lasts two days. In this cleansing phase, only light meals are eaten, such as vegetables, fruits, rice or potatoes. The additional colon cleansing, supports the adjustment process.

One bite golden apple - phase 2 of Metabolic Balance


The body needs time to heal and to adjust your metabolism in order to get back into a healthy balance. A unique to you meal plan, with the foods that are beneficial to you is the main focus along with the 8 strategies for this phase. Your nutrition plan contains a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of proteins.

Two bites golden apple  - phase 3 of Metabolic Balance


This is a phase to explore. There are foods added to your healthy meal plan. Along with experimenting with food through meals of exploration, where you add foods learning how your body reacts to these foods being part of your lifestyle. You explore other healthy habits and change portion sizes to learn more about yourself and your relationship with food.

Golden apple core  - phase 4 of Metabolic Balance


You did it. Your metabolism has reset, and your weight regulation is visible in more ways than the number on the scale. Your new found insight can now be integrated into your future lifestyle. You continue to consciously choose foods that support you and avoid the concept of diets.


The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Ann Wigmore

Is Metabolic Balance Effective?

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There are so many programs out there and many people have had success with them. But what about long-term success? Metabolic Balance has the research showing that 1 year later 62.5% of those in the original study group had kept the original 5% weight reduction and that 31.1% had lost more than 10% and kept it off for a year. FCM Metabolic Balance is built on a solid foundation.


Every person is able to heal their body with targeted nutrition.

Here in the Midwest, food is more than just nourishment – food is culture. It is tradition, filled with nostalgia, and an age old way to build and share community, and heritage. Sustainable health changes must take these truths into consideration.


FCM Metabolic Balance coaches will help you feather those cherished old traditions into your new lifestyle.

Lasting change to lifestyle takes thinking, experience and resources. That is why we have taken our experience and knowledge to create content and resources for you, and are here to coach you throughout your journey.


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What Health Concerns Can Weight Loss Address?

Balanced metabolism and weight loss have been shown to be effective tools in the treatment and/or management of a number of serious issues, including Concussion, Type II Diabetes, Infertility, PCOS, Cancer, Weight Management & Obesity, Mental Health, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease. Learn more about specific conditions .

Coaching is Key

Coaching is an integral part of your success with the Metabolic Balance program. You will have your own Certified Metabolic Balance coach at your side right from the start. Your coaching experience is as unique as your personalized nutrition plan. Using Healthie, an online wellness app, we provide you with opportunities to engage in personal development to build your healthy lifestyle, your knowledge about food, and live an enriched life.

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We employ a HIPAA compliant, online platform called Healthie to manage communication and deliver materials to you. Healthie allows us to safely communicate, track your progress, and provide you with your personalized education and coaching content, all while keeping your information safe.

Get Started30 Minute Discovery Call

Set up a free no obligation or expectation meeting. You will talk individually with one of our Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches, to discuss how Metabolic Balance is the right step for you. Whether you are looking to build your health and/or lose weight, bring your questions and we will be happy to discuss anything you are wondering about!