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We love to hear it!

We know this program works, but there’s nothing quite like hearing in their own words how it has empowered people, transformed relationships with bodies and food, and helped them to achieve their health goals!

The FCM Metabolic Balance Program has been amazing to work through.

From the program that finds the best foods for you to the amazing amount of support and communication that is provided by the coaching team. This program has really opened my eyes to how my body deals with and reacts to different foods. With that understanding, I feel that I am equipped with the tools to stay healthy while having the freedom to enjoy my meals and social situations that revolve around food.

Skye, 39 ~ Corcoran, MN
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2021 

My testimonial moment was when we went to AZ in November and I needed to buy shorts to wear.

Even though I had lost 30# I really hadn’t bought much for new clothes yet. When I got to the store I was struggling with what size I should try on but just for fun decided to try a size 6. I was in total shock when the 6 was too big. When did I get to size 4! I was so flustered that I couldn’t even go get a size 4 to try on so I left without them. When we got back to ND I went to Maurices to buy jeans and only took size 4 in the dressing room. Yep. I really do wear a size 4!

The best part of the MB food plan is the health benefits. I take no meds which is exactly why I joined MB and on top of that, I quite often realize that there are many little things that have magically disappeared. Things that I thought I would always live with are just gone. Which leads me to believe I was eating foods that were triggering these things.

I did struggle with my food plan at first but I have come to love it! I do not regret one thing about signing up for this program. My husband might say a closet full of all new clothes is a bad thing but he’ll get over it!

Marianne, 64 ~ Gladstone, ND
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2021

Metabolic Balance has taught me…I do not need food for comfort or as a reward.

I am 64 and for the last 35 years my weight has bounced between 140 lbs to 165 lbs.  I have tried every diet from Atkins to Weight Watchers.  I would loose 10 lbs and then struggle to loose the last 10, eventually my old eating habits would kick in, a vacation or a celebration and I would gain my 10 lbs back.

As for exercise I  have participated in yoga, Pilates, weight lifting and running, in fact I owned a Curves for women and was a Zumba instructor.  I lost weight and gained muscle but could not keep up that pace with family and aging parents.  As most women/mothers do I turned my attention to taking care of everyone else but myself. My metabolism slowed, my interest in things decreased, my energy decreased, my blood pressure increased, so to comfort/ reward myself I over indulging in “sugar”.  It was like being an addict the more sugar I had the worse I felt but I carved sugar even more.

I saw my husband’s cousin in November 2021- she looked amazing, she had lost weight and looked years younger. She informed me she was pre-diabetic and didn’t want to start meditation. She stated METABOLIC BALANCE and lost weight and no longer pre-diabetic.  I told my husband that I would be starting this program, he said he would join me in adopting a new nutritional program.

I have lost 30 lbs, the clothing sizes in my closet ranged from 12-6, I was always looking to cover up my stomach, I was frustrated and hated the way I looked.  I am now a size 4. More importantly I have learned that I can control my food intake, and how some foods make me feel.  For the last 20 years I have struggled with hot flashes and night sweats.  I sought medical advice for the hot flashes- I would explain to doctors that if I drank water I would immediately have a hot flash!  Recently I visited family and consumed foods not on my phase 2 list within days I started having hot flashes again.  Amazing that certain foods trigger my bodies reaction.

Metabolic Balance has taught me I am ok eating out, because I can control my food choices, the amount of food, and more importantly that I do not need food for comfort or as a reward. My reward is how I feel about my body, how I feel how I look in my clothing, in my increased interest in activities and my increased energy.

Margaret, 64 ~ Bismark, ND
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2022

I have finally noticed a decrease in bloating in my abdomen.

I have finally noticed a decrease in bloating in my abdomen. No diet or exercise program I have ever done before has helped me reduce bloating. I definitely had some mild food sensitivities that I was unaware of. By following this plan and eating foods that are proven to best serve my body I have majorly reduce the bloating and inflammation in my body. I no longer feel tired! I used to drag myself out of bed, drag myself through the day, get home and crawl into bed. I had no energy or drive to want to do anything extra. Once I have been up and moving for about 20 minutes, I am awake, alert, and ready for my day. I stay in an awake and alert state throughout the day until I am ready to start winding down for bed.

Now when I get home from work, I have motivation and the desire to do a few extra things around the house before heading to bed. I no longer stress about what I am eating, how much I am eating, or how often I am eating. The guess work has been eliminated with this program. I know what foods best serve my body. I know what portions/amount I should be eating of each food. Also, I know how often I should be having a meal. With so many decisions about food being taken out of my day, it is much easier to stay on track and not let one bad food decision ruin my day or week.

I have lost 20# with no exercise, just changing what I am eating! Therefore, I know I can easily sustain this 20# weight loss. If I was exercising one hour every day to achieve this weight loss, I would need to continue that regimen to keep the weight off. As I continue to work through this program I will find activity that fits my daily schedule for meeting movement guidelines.

Tracy, 28 ~ Litchville, ND
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2021

Hi! My name is Vicki and I started with Metabolic Balance July 31, 2021.

I had a lofty goal of 46 lbs that I wanted to lose and I am down to about 9 lbs to go to reach my goal!

I have had weight issues for over 20 years, starting when I was in my early 30’s. I noticed that I couldn’t shed the weight after a long weekend of eating and drinking bad choices. I have done every diet under the sun and have never had much success. In 2012 I started Weight Watchers and did pretty good. I had a great support system with a local meeting once a week and friends that I could look to for support and help. After 8 months I was at my goal weight and had lost about 40 lbs. I then became the group leader for Weight Watchers in my small town. 8 months later they decided to close down our meetings because not enough people attended that weekly meeting. After that, my weight slowly crept back up to where I was when I started Weight Watchers.

I then went to try pills, shakes, keto, fasting and also went to a Dr. for help. I never had much success with any of those and always found myself cheating on diets or giving up after a few weeks.

I found Dr. Maggie and Metabolic Balance when I was looking for help with arthritis issues in my neck. She was not taking on new clients, but after looking at her website I found the info on Metabolic Balance. I was instantly interested and got started on the program just a few weeks later. 5 months into my new lifestyle and I was only 7 lbs away from my goal. Then Christmas came……..I had 2 full weeks off from work and found myself snacking and not following the rules. It took me one more month of starting and stopping to get back on track.

I have had a few ups and downs in the last few weeks, but I am back on track and losing weight again. I got rid of all of my aches and pains and have no issues with my arthritis in my neck anymore. My energy levels are back up where they should be and I am sleeping well again. This has been the best decision I have made for my health and my own morale!

Vicki, 52 ~ Lisbon, MN
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2021

Let me introduce myself to you.

I am a sugar addict with Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease, sleep apnea, gluten issues, and Huntington’s Disease. Most of my life, I’ve dieted, exercised, and got to a “set point” and eventually gave up. Doctor’s plans, Nutritionist’s plans, highly advertised plans, trainer’s plans, anonymous plans, and even a plan with Dr. Maggie for my gut health, got to that set point. Then, I failed. Now, you all know who I have been most of my life, a failed overweight or morbidly obese person.

You know that I’ve learned a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t. I know nutrition. I know exercise. Pain and inflammation are part of my daily life. They weren’t when I was younger. I’m not concerned with appearance or weight. I don’t want pain to dictate my life.

Here comes FCM Metabolic Balance to the rescue! Well, not exactly. Dr Maggie asked if I thought having a support system would help me reach my health goals. Yes! After some bloodwork, a few questions, some forms, and a lot of excuses, I started. Then, I put it off. I started again. Only, I didn’t start again. I “continued”. I learned a little more. I had lots of help from Bri, Dr. Maggie, and my group. It’s not a diet plan or a diet group. It’s people excited to be feeling better. It is learning why what works for some has no effect on others.

I’m not at my health goals. I’ve got to that “set point”. I’m not stuck. This is me adjusting to the nutrition that my body needs and wants. I can’t fix this by over-exercising, hiding, or ignoring it. I can’t fix it by quitting. I’m not perfect and no one expects me to be. No guilt. No failure. Bri, Dr. Maggie, and my group have helped me to “continue” to better health.

Katy, 59 ~ Enderlin, ND
Started FCM Metabolic Balance 2021

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