Metabolic Balance Coaching

Comprehensive Coaching is Key

How our program works.

When you join FCM Metabolic Balance, we work through our online platform, Healthie, to complete your intake forms and access the communication tools. Healthie also gives us the ability to set up your first “sign up call” and your following coaching appointments as well. This is where you will access your Orientation Series, which is your first program available to you with guided coaching from your certified Metabolic Balance coaches to prepare you for your coaching program experiences, your private or group coaching experiences through zoom (or in person if within the area of coaches) and a clear understanding of the process and what your journey will look like.

Each person is unique and we adjust your journey to your wants and needs for your goals. While we have recommendations for you, you are in control of your journey. You will get to know us as your coaches through our coaching programs and learn how following your plan strictly, allowing you to reach your goal; while at the same time understanding how to make the best choices for yourself as life presents new experiences and challenges. We do not coach perfection. Instead we support you with a lot of grace and inspire you to make a new lifestyle for yourself, so you don’t have to go back to where you are now.

Once you are our client, you are stuck with us! Even as you complete your goals and are working through phase 3 and 4, you never stop learning about yourself and your lifestyle, and we never stop being there for you as coaches. We as coaches continue to learn beyond the completion of our goals through our own nutrition plans and we bring those “a-ha” moments to you either through your coaching programs, or special webinar opportunities (e.g. our 3 Webinar Holiday Series). We teach you about times where you can continue to use your plan and do resets after vacations or holidays when you may have indulged a little more. We are continuously working on bringing more value to our clients and to support this lifestyle that we know successfully works! Learn more on our testimonial page!

Your Coaching Journey

Overweight Before Picture of Dr. Maggie

Sign Up15 Minute Call

This sign up call is a great time to touch base and help you navigate to get started within Healthie and completing your intake forms, discuss a good location to get your lab work done and learn what your next action steps are as we begin within the Orientation Series.

Click here to learn more about the different types of calls that are included in your program.

Orientation SeriesGathering Information & Preparing for the plan

Once you complete your intake forms, the Orientation Series prepares you to use Healthie, our online HIPAA Compliant platform, and we continue to gather information to prepare you with a personalized Metabolic Balance nutrition plan through the series and coaching calls. We also take the time to plan your unique personal journey through our program to reach your personal goals.

Overweight Before Picture of Dr. Maggie
Overweight Before Picture of Dr. Maggie

Alpha Coaching Series

Your Alpha Coaching series is an important 6 week long coaching experience through our Healthie Programs that provides support through the detox, and healing process of phases 1 and 2 of your Metabolic Balance plan. This program is the beginning of your personal development coaching. We dive into your thinking, your impulses, and provide strategies to begin to implement and develop throughout your journey. The goal throughout your personal development aspect of the coaching experience is to help you better understand yourself. An example of this is I knew I emotionally ate but I didn’t understand that I ate because of fatigue. With the foundational knowledge about your food plan as well as the start of your personal development journey you can start to develop your new lifestyle. This information supports your for the length of time you are in phase 2.

Beta Coaching Series

After reaching and completing your weight loss and/or health goals, we move you into your Beta Coaching Series where you are coached to work with your Phase 3 foods list and stepping stones to build lifestyle habits that include more activity, exploring meals beyond your nutrition plan, what to do about a glass of wine or beer, and if condiments and juice fit in your world. This series teaches how to weave your new lifestyle habits with cultural norms while keeping your 8 strategies and knowledge about food as a template for your sustained success. The 6 weeks of content within this series, is taken at your own pace and implemented within your life naturally, you move to phase 4.

Overweight Before Picture of Dr. Maggie
Overweight Before Picture of Dr. Maggie

Gamma Coaching Series

The Gamma Coaching Series is about transitioning and time to reflect. This series provides the opportunity to reflect on your various life experiences and practice your new lifestyle in phase 4. This 6 week coaching series is about lifestyle. We recommend remaining mindful about what you have learned through the first 3 phases of your Metabolic balance plan and coaching series. . You will be learning as the season changes, move through holidays and experience life changes. This will allow you to apply your new lifestyle habits and see how they have become a new normal. The Gamma Series, also gives you journaling opportunities, along with your coaching from us to continue developing personally within the lifestyle. It’s about knowing how to handle others’ opinions and cultural influences that can sometimes, without awareness, influence our choices and at this point it is all about choice. You have learned a lot about the foods that serve you and the habits that keep you in the health you want to have.

Coaching Calls

Regular communication is an integral part of your coaching program. Browse through these sections to learn about the different types of calls we have created to support your journey. 

Sign Up Call

Duration: 15 minutes
Description: This brief call is scheduled as you purchase your program package to touch base with one of our team members of FCM Metabolic Balance. We review the first steps it takes following your purchase to complete your intake, access Healthie and discuss an appropriate lab location to get your lab work ordered.

Initial Consultation

Duration: 30 minutes
Description: The client schedules this call once lab work results are available and it is time to review these results, your health history in order to submit for your personalized Metabolic Balance plan. We also take time to review your WHY and your goals to plan out our personalized journey through our coaching series.

Nutrition Plan Consultation

Duration: 90 minutes
Description: Once the Metabolic Balance plan is available within a client’s Healthie Profile, clients may then book this appointment type. This ample amount of time allows the client and coach to review the Metabolic Balance plan of the individual to prepare and plan for the start of the client’s journey. By the end of this appointment time, the client is comfortable and excited to begin their plan as discussed with the coach.

Private Coaching Call

Duration: 45 minutes
Description: Private Coaching Calls are a one-on-one experience where clients are able to bring their questions and receive coaching on their plan. Each call is unique and addresses various stages of the journey through the program.

Group Coaching Call

Duration: 45 minutes
Description: These calls are unique to only the “Group Programs” that are available specifically at various times of the year. Within these group calls, client’s get to know others who are also going through a similar experience implementing their own unique Metabolic Balance plan while bringing their own learning experiences to share with others. These group calls encourage a community of support as each experiences their own unique experience.

Social Calls

Duration: 60 minutes
Description: These social calls are an opportunity for those within the FCM Metabolic Balance family to connect with other clients (whether in a group or not) to learn from one another, ask questions, encourage and support each other. These calls are offered as a gift to our client’s once they have completed their first 2 weeks in Phase 2!

Get Started30 Minute Discovery Call

Set up a free no obligation or expectation meeting. You will talk individually with one of our Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches, to discuss how Metabolic Balance is the right step for you. Whether you are looking to build your health and/or lose weight, bring your questions and we will be happy to discuss anything you are wondering about!