What is Metabolic Balance?

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A balanced approach to renewed health. 

Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program that takes a deep look at your body and health to determine the most optimum foods for your body’s unique nutritional needs. Your Metabolic Balance plan is comprehensive, taking into account your allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, health issues, your food likes and dislikes, and blood work values. This panel looks at key areas in your health to learn about your health status and uncover the nutrients your body needs for its best health. Armed with this powerful information, you and your FCM Metabolic Balance coach will develop a distinctive four phase plan to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

The 4 Phases of the Metabolic Balance Plan

Whole golden apple- phase 1 of Metabolic Balance

Phase 1: Preparation/Cleanse

The first phase lasts two days. In this cleansing phase, only light meals are eaten, such as vegetables, fruits, rice or potatoes. The additional colon cleansing, supports the adjustment process. This phase allows your bowels to be cleansed and prepared to absorb the nutrients from the whole foods you provide that are within your plan. A successful cleanse is important to have because it reduces your cravings and supports adequate absorption of nutrients that then will satiate your hunger for the full 5 hours between meals.

Phase 2: Strict Conversion/Heal

The body needs time to detoxify and to adjust your metabolism in order to get back into a healthy balance. This is where your nutrition plan is implemented into your daily life along with your 8 strategies. Your body is being loaded with the specific nutrients your body needs and portion sizes that will stabilize your blood sugar levels and take away the hunger crashes that come from those highs and lows we often experience eating the standard American diet. Therefore, the first 14 days of following your meal plan is prepared without any oils. Following these 14 days, we introduce healthy fats that are specific to your plan as an important nutrient your body needs to build healthy cells. A healthy meal plan, with the foods that are beneficial to you is the main part of this phase. Your nutrition plan contains a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and a wide variety of proteins.

Phase 2 will take time, you have spent a lifetime getting to your current level of health or lack of it. By providing the body with the nutrients it needs it can heal. It is important in this phase to eat the variety of foods on your plan and follow the plans specifically and stick to the 8 strategies.

One bite golden apple - phase 2 of Metabolic Balance
Two bites golden apple - phase 3 of Metabolic Balance

Phase 3: Relaxed Conversion/Explore

This is a phase to explore. There are foods added to your healthy meal plan. Along with experimenting with food in “meals of exploration”, where you add foods learning how your body reacts to these foods being part of your lifestyle. You explore other healthy habits and change portion sizes to learn more about yourself and your relationship with food. As with any skill in life, we have to practice to get better at something. Within this phase you are practicing the skills set down for you in Phase 2, and your 8 strategies. I learned so much about how food was affecting my body in this phase. I learned what foods did not make me feel well or triggered post-eating hunger. I learned what foods made me tired. Phase 3 knowledge prepares you for phase 4 living your life with sustainable success.

Phase 4: Maintenance

You did it. Your metabolism has reset, and your weight regulation is visible in more ways than the number on the scale. Your new found insight can now be integrated into your future lifestyle. You continue to consciously choose foods that support you and avoid the concept of diets. You know how to make your “best choices” based on the practice of Metabolic Balance principles, and your experience working with our certified Metabolic Balance coaches.
The other great thing about this plan is it is yours forever. If life changes such as how the pandemic stress got the better of Dr. Maggie or as for Bri in planning her third pregnancy. Both have the ability to revisit the phases to restore health. Sometimes you go all the way back to the beginning if it’s been over a year or sometimes you just go back to phase 2 with oils for the length of time you and your coach have determined best for you. It is important to contact and work with your coach even a year or more later than when you first went through the program for guidance and coaching to use your plan appropriately for your goals.

Golden apple core - phase 4 of Metabolic Balance

Who is Metabolic Balance For?

Metabolic Balance is for people who are committed to creating sustainable change and improvement in their lives. We want you to eat real food in balanced meals that fit into your life, your schedule, and nourishes both your body and spirit. Our coaches believe that good food is synonymous with health, home, and family, and we know that deprivation and imbalance are not the path to sustained health.

Your coaching experience during the integration of your plan is the specialty of FCM Metabolic Balance. While we coach you through the “nuts and bolts” of your plan, we also personalize the coaching you receive according to your life and the factors that are in it. Your plan is tailored to fit your life, not the other way around.