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This is a big step you’ve committed to, it’s important to get all of your questions answered!.

What if I have a lot of weight to lose?

If weight loss is your goal, we have a specific journey if your weight loss goal is less than 44 lbs or more. No matter how much weight you have to lose, it could be 100, 200 or more, we have a journey for you within the Metabolic Balance plan that will support you with whatever goal you have.

How long does the program take?

This all depends on your personal goals and your unique body’s responses and compliance to the plan. We provide support for at least a year, though your plan and content received within the coaching series is available to you for life. We work together to adjust your lifestyle, it takes time and support to do this.

What are the 8 Rules?

In our coaching program we refer to Metabolic Balance’s 8 Rules as your 8 Strategies that not only give you a foundation to start your program but provide a framework to continue your success and sustain your progress. These 8 Strategies are as simple as eating 3 meals a day, have a 5 hour break between meals, eat protein first of your meal and have 3 different proteins a day while only consuming 1 protein per meal. Don’t eat after 9 pm, drink your body’s specific needs of water and have an apple a day. These strategies have shown in studies that adherence to these basic strategies 68.5% of participants achieve greater than 5% weight loss and maintained for over 1 year.

How does this compare to other weight loss programs?

The Metabolic Balance nutrition plan is created uniquely with whole foods and portion sizes that are specific to your body’s needs based on lab results and your health history. With a plan that is full of food to support your optimal health and in addition to your coaching experience to support your shift from diet to lifestyle, FCM Metabolic Balance stands out alone. We support you not only with your weight loss and/or health goals, we educate you about food, making best choices and shifting your thinking around how you serve your body to achieve a lifestyle shift and continued success.

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How does this work with having a family?

Each Metabolic Balance plan is so uniquely created for you that the amounts and types of foods are specific for you and your healing; and yet your family can enjoy these whole foods with you. Only one meal needs to be made but you can add your family’s favorite things to these meals. As you use your plan, you will see how your family members become interested in trying the different foods and meals that may not be familiar within your house. Your household normals will begin to change and your choice for your own health, will also benefit everyone in the process.

What kinds of foods are on a plan?

There is a huge database Metabolic Balance draws from to compile a variety of whole foods. This means you are shopping mainly around the outside edge of your grocery store that includes produce, protein and dairy products. Depending on your health history and blood values, plans are created with a large variety of protein options that may include fish, seafood, cheeses, meat, milk and milk substitutes, mushrooms, poultry, sprouts, legumes, tofu, yogurt and nuts and seeds. You are also given a large variety of complex carbohydrates that include a large variety of vegetables and lettuce. Some plans may also include starches such as potatoes, or rice as well as bread.

What if I am vegetarian or vegan?

Plans may be created for those following a vegetarian diet.

We do not generate plans for practicing a vegan lifestyle. Because a wide variety of protein helps you heal, a strict vegan diet limits your access to the variety of proteins necessary to create a plan.

What if I am pregnant or nursing?

We are not able to create a new plan if you are pregnant or nursing but we are able to sign you up and generate a plan after you are no longer either of these things. When you are done nursing or have given birth and not nursing, give yourself about 3 months to allow your body to reset and allow your mind to get back to the reason of eating for just yourself again.

What are some of the reasons you aren’t able to generate a Metabolic Balance plan?

Due to health reasons, FCM Metabolic Balance is not able to accept clients with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency. We are not able to support individuals whose BMI is less than 18.
Plan creation is considered carefully with those individuals taking antipsychotics or tranquilizer medication, or people with a histamine or fructose intolerance.

What ages can someone participate with FCM Metabolic Balance and receive a plan?

Plans may be generated for children as young as 8 years old, all the way through late adulthood. It is never too late to adjust your nutrition to support your health and age gracefully!

Do you use a platform for tracking progress and communication?

Yes! We employ a HIPAA compliant, online platform called Healthie to manage communication and deliver materials to you. Healthie allows us to safely communicate, track your progress, and provide you with your personalized education and coaching content, all while keeping your information safe.

Learn more about Healthie in the video below.